Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Message from the Department Head

- 2016/04/05

Tourism and Hospitality Management Department welcomes all students to start their innovative managerial career in tourism and hospitality. The department launched its program since 2009 to be the first tourism and hospitality program in the KSA which equips its students with two foreign languages (English and French). In the last 6 years, the department succeeded to afford successful managers, entrepreneurs, supervisors to hospitality and tourism industries in Makkah and worldwide. Our program was designed to afford active and interactive learning experiences for our students and to help them think critically and innovatively. The department recruited highly qualified faculty members, who received their degrees from international universities and had field experiences.

The department is honored to be located in Makkah Almukkrakmmah (the most sacred city for Muslims) at the college of business.   This helped our program to afford business knowledge to our students and to be in close interaction with the industry in one of most wanted travel destinations in the world.

I'm proud with our program, students, graduates and faculty members. The department works as one team to host business leaders and international professors and to continue developing ourselves and our program outcomes. We all are committed to produce high level of graduates having the honor of the knowledge and the honor of the place.