Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Vision, Mission, and Objectives of the Department of Training Courses

- 2019/02/04


Department Vision:

To be a leading specialist reference in the provision of training services in accordance with quality frameworks and training ethics.


Department Mission:

Providing quality training services to contribute institutionally and academically to the development of human resources, taking into account Islamic principles and keeping abreast of global developments.

Department Objectives:

  1. To provide academic programs and training courses in line with the vision and mission of the institute, and to meet the needs of the labor market within the framework of the strategic plan of the UQU University.

  2. To prepare specialized academic competencies in the field of legal training, in accordance with quality frameworks and training ethics.

  3. To activate initiatives and training partnerships, and share experiences with all community institutions.
  4. To train the staff in the field of the promotion of virtue and prevention of vice, and all sectors of society who work in fields covered in the programs of the institute, to improve their performance.
  5. To judge programs and training packages, and provide consultations and scientific research specialized in legal training.