Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Administrative and Financial Affairs

- 2016/04/14

This Department is made up of several units: Administrative Affairs Unit, supervised by the director of the Department. His tasks involve following up the going and  coming work; and correspondence between the administration of the Institute and the governmental bodies, in addition to coordinating between the Institute and the University departments.  Similarly, his tasks include following up the Institute’s personnel affairs with all their positions combined in terms of identifying tasks, assigning jobs  and keeping update of the job performance and administrative development. The Director Futher takes charge of following up the work related to procurements and tenders such as securing stationeries and providing all what the Institute needs in terms of equipment.   

Still, the Department’ tasks involve supervising and following up the Institute’s financial affairs, maintenance and warehouses, and doing all the letters, administrative reports and preliminary reports for the studies and programs of the Hajj and Ramadan seasons