Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Excellence Allowance to Saudi Academic Staff Members and the Like

- 2019/04/27

Excellence allowance:

The UQU Supreme Administration is pleased to announce to the Saudi academic staff that several excellence allowances will be granted to them in a number of fields of scientific research. This is in order to express appreciation to them, and to encourage outstanding researchers to improve themselves, raise the status of their university and enhance their community, and to urge their colleagues to follow their example in excellence. Hoping this will create an atmosphere of noble competitiveness among faculty members.

Rules of the payment of the allowance:

Decision of the Council of Ministers to pay the excellence allowance

Rules of the payment of the allowance and the application process

Handbooks on the rules of the payment of the allowance

Submitting an application:

The following is the list of works eligible for application for the excellence allowance. To apply for the allowance, Saudi academic staff members are asked to click one of the options listed below to move to the relevant e-form required to be completed, and to submit it electronically.

  1. Scientific publication. >> Specializations of Shari`ah-related Sciences and Arabic Language Sciences.   >> Specializations other than Shari`ah-related Sciences and Arabic Language Sciences. Guidebook for verifying the classification of scientific journals.

  2. National, regional, and international academic award.
  3. Patent.
  4. Discovery of a medication.
  5. Medical or biotechnical discoveries.
  6. Performing a rare surgery.
  7. Scientific discoveries.


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