Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Questionnaire to Measure the Needs and Satisfaction of the Beneficiaries

 Development    From : - 2018/04/24 م , To : - 2029/04/24 م

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    First: General Information

    * Gender

    * Employer:

    * What is the appropriate way to obtain information?

    Second: Service Requirements

    * 1\The provided services are clear and stated

    * 2\The transactions are fulfilled at a certain time with no delay

    * 3\ Transaction procedures are clear and complete

    * 4\The pictures that explain the mechanism of service delivery are clear

    * 5\ Information about services is easily obtained

    * 6\The used forms are clear and simple

    * 7\The service provision procedure is simple

    * 8\The services are fulfilled accurately (Without mistakes or delay)

    * 9\The time taken in completing the service is appropriate

    * 10\Please indicate the time duration in which you were served:

    Third: General Impression

    * 1\ Guidelines, forms and leaflets are sufficient, comprehensive and accessible:

    * 2\Parking is available

    * 3\There is a lounge inside the deanship

    * 4\The general appearance of the deanship and its facilities is amazing

    * 5\The guidelines of facilities and offices are clear

    * 6\ Supportive services, printing and photocopying, are sufficiently available

    Fourth: The Deanship Staff

    * 1\The employee is present at his office to provide services

    * 2\The general appearance of the employee is suitable

    * 3\The employee deals gently and cheerfully

    * 4\The employee provides the service with a degree of professionalism and understanding

    * 5\The employee is abide by the time set for fulfilling the transactions

    * 6\The reviewer enjoys the spirit of cooperation between the deanship staff

    Fifth: The Deanship's Website and Social Media Sites

    * 1\It is easy to browse the deanship website and obtain information

    * 2\ The website has all the requirements to fulfill the service

    * 3\The e-services on the website are easy to use

    * 4\The activation of the suggestions and complaints icon on the site

    * 5\ The easy access to information from social networking sites

    * Responding to Twitter queries instantly

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