Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Cancelling Registration

- 2018/02/01

Cancelling Registration:

Article 26 of the Unified Regulation for Graduate Studies at Saudi Universities”:

Cancelling registration is to terminate the student's relationship to postgraduate studies, and not to allow him to resume studying.

The student’s registration is cancelled in the following cases:

  1. When he/she is accepted and is not registered within the period specified for registration.
  2. When he/she does not pass the supplementary courses with at least “Very Good” grade.
  3. When he/she withdraws from or stops study for a semester without an acceptable excuse.
  4. When he/she proves to be not serious academically or violates any of his/her own academic duties.
  5. When his/her accumulative grade in two consecutive semesters is less than (Very Good).
  6. When the specific postponement opportunities are exceeded.
  7. When he/she commits plagiarism at the stages of study or thesis preparation, and does an act that violates university regulations and traditions such as breaching some of the acceptance conditions.
  8. When the comprehensive test - if any - is not passed after it has been allowed to be repeated once.
  9. When the Committee decides that the thesis is not valid for discussion or not acceptable.
  10. When the student does not receive the grade within the maximum period.