Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Vice Deanship for Post Graduate Studies and Scientific Research

- 2016/04/05

Brief :

Vice Deanship for Post Graduate Studies and Scientific Research supervises the educational, academic and research process for postgraduate students, in addition to developing the college capabilities in the field of scientific research.


Responsibilities of the Vice-Dean for Post Graduate Studies and Scientific Research :

  1. Following-up on the overall policy of postgraduate scholarship and scientific research and developing it, in coordination with the Dean of Post Graduate Studies.
  2. Supervising post graduate studies, tests and committees, and adopting the results of postgraduate exams
  3. Supervising the activities of the induction program for the postgraduate students, and following up on its implementation
  4. Examining the requests for adjourning and quitting studies, as well as deletions, additions and deprivation lists of postgraduate students in accordance with the regulations and decisions issued in this regard.
  5. Developing the research plan and strategy, and developing its implementation mechanisms.
  6. Coordinating with the Scientific Research Deanship at the university in developing cooperation with research centers and institutions outside the university to boost distinct scientific research efforts.
  7. Providing financial support for research, both from the university and external funding entities.
  8. Encouraging distinct scientific research and establishing a top-notch research center.
  9. Following-up on the conditions of the scholars who are on scholarships abroad.
  10. Updating the college website with information about the vice deanship and the affiliated administrative units.
  11. Implementing all tasks assigned by the Dean.
  12. Coordinating with the college's units in all relevant fields.
  13. Chairing the committees affiliated to the vice deanships, and reporting directly to the relevant authorities.
  14. Submitting periodic reports to the Dean about the workflow in the affiliated units, and the difficulties they face.
  15. Supervising the units affiliated to the vice deanships.