Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University


- 2016/04/05


The Vice Dean is one the most important positions in the college, as it constitutes the backbone that supports the academic process in administration, finance, services and infrastructure fields. The Vice Dean is responsible for assisting the Dean in managing the college administrative and financial affairs, and serves as acting Dean when the latter is absent or busy. He further oversees the related administrative work, suggesting what ensures accomplishing it, providing its needs, and monitoring its performance pursuant the highest local and international standards.

Responsibilities of the Vice-Dean:

  1. Understanding the needs of the college departments as per the technical and administrative jobs.
  2. Determining the specialized laboratories that the department needs.
  3. Coordinating and facilitating the administrative work of the college departments.
  4. Supervising the financial affairs and allocated custody in accordance with the regulations and systems.
  5. Approving the request of government agencies to be granted the help of the staff members to participate in lectures, seminars and conferences, provided that this would not affect their performance at the university.
  6. Considering the complaints of students in coordination with the heads of departments and the vice deanship for educational affairs.
  7. Submitting periodic reports to the Dean of the College about workflow of the units under his authority, the difficulties they encounter, and providing suggestions about how to overcome them.
  8. Serving as the Secretary of the College Council, and subsequently coordinating and scheduling meetings, receiving memoranda from the college departments to present to council, and supervising printing the minutes of the council's meetings
  9. Managing the college administrative affairs, deputizing for the dean during his absence or whenever assigned to.
  10. Preparing the strategic plan of the college.
  11. Supervising the college's financial unit budget to prepare the overall budget.
  12. Preparing the plan of the overall needs as regards teaching, administrative and technical staff members, and the like.
  13. Serving as a member of the committee overseeing the procedures for accepting teaching assistants.
  14. Supervising the follow-up unit.