Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University


- 2016/06/09

The Housing Department was established on 6th Safar, 1400 H, under supervision of the vice-president.

Years later, the UQU president issued a decision to make the department report to the vice-president of Branches. Housing Department is mainly tasked with regulating the relationship between UQU and landlords of the rented properties in terms of administrative, financial, and lease contracting aspects as per the applicable rules of State Lease and Eviction regulation.


The Housing Department of the Vice-Presidency of Branches seeks to offer the best housing services to UQU faculty members and staff. The department facilitates residential units and rented facilities as appropriate to serve UQU's housing plans, studies an committees, which provide proposals and solutions to upgrades services offered to the academic and administrative cadres.


Following royal directions, UQU built villas at the dormitory in Abidia to facilitate proper residence for faculty members, staff and their families. The university is concerned with providing basic services and public facilities to serve its faculty members and staff.

Tasks of Housing Department:

  1. Receiving faculty members and staff's applications for university-owned residence and preparing the required documents as per rules of Faculty Members and Staff Housing regulation;
  2. Renting buildings in Makkah and its suburbs for various purposes to be used as colleges' buildings, annexes, or student residence, as appropriate, subject to State Lease and Eviction regulation;
  3. Receiving applications of physicians and dentist for rent allowance as per royal decree no. 178, dated on 1st Jumada al-Thani 1430 H, then proceeding with the required procedures to dispense rent allowances for physicians and doctors as per the applicable regulations; 
  4. Developing services offered to faculty members and staff by redrafting the Faculty Members and Staff Housing regulation to keep up with the changes that took place at a given time and also to be in line the new decisions taken regarding rules and bylaws;
  5. The Housing Department is the link between UQU and landlords. In this respect, it's tasked with maintaining the financial rights and contract commitments of UQU, following up on the rented properties during the term of lease and evacuating them when the university no longer wishes to use them.