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Vice Dean of the College for Development and Quality

- 2021/12/22

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    The vice dean is a member of the teaching staff who is responsible for supervising the development and quality processes, achieving the standards of academic accreditation and assessment in the educational process in the different academic departments, controlling the quality of the administrative work inside the college, and working on developing and improving performance in all aspects as well as spreading the culture of development and quality.


    The vice dean works in association with the dean of the college, and is a member of the College Council.

    Tasks of the Vice Dean of the College for Development and Quality

    1. Promoting and spreading the culture of quality at the level of the college.
    2. Supervising the implementation of the quality program at the college.
    3. Supervising the evaluation of performance in the college.
    4. Supervising the implementation of evaluation and academic accreditation programs.
    5. Preparing and implementing the developmental and strategic plans of the college.
    6. Supervising the work of the information technology center (unit).
    7. Examining the difficulties and problems facing the college's development and quality programs, and proposing appropriate solutions.
    8. Identifying the specialized training needs of the academic staff members in the academic departments of the college, and coordinating with the Deanship of Academic Development and Quality to fulfill them.
    9. Encouraging members of the academic staff to participate in courses, training programs, and workshops provided by the Deanship of Academic Development and Quality.
    10. Supervising the preparation of a plan to develop the skills of the college affiliates, including academic staff members, employees, and students.
    11. Supervising the use of technology, e-learning, multimedia, and distance education in teaching inside the college.
    12. Supervising the preparation of the college's annual report and distributing it to the concerned bodies, after it has been approved by the dean of the college.
    13. Submitting periodic reports to the college dean on the progress of the work in the affiliated units, in accordance with the tasks assigned to him, and on the difficulties they face.
    14. Following up the development of the educational facilities in the college, and the modernization of laboratories.
    15. Designing the internal system of work in the Vice Deanship of Development and Quality, defining the specialization and general description of the tasks of the employees, and coordinating between the affiliated units.
    16. Supervising financial affairs allocated to the vice deanship and its programs, according to bylaws and regulations.
    17. Supervising the implementation of other issues concerned with development and quality.
    18. Carrying out and following up the activities of the innovation and excellence awards with regard to the academic, research, and educational performance at the college.
    19. Developing appropriate phase plans for the periodical review of accredited quality standards to ensure continuous improvement in the performance of the college's academic departments and administrative units.
    20. Developing a suitable mechanism to identify the expectations, requirements, and the level of satisfaction of the college's (internal and external) clients, and informing all the relevant academic departments and administrative units about them.
    21. Implementing and following up the evaluation and development of the teaching performance of the staff members, and helping them to achieve professional and scientific excellence.
    22. Following up the update of the college website in relation to his vice deanship and the affiliated administrative units.
    23. Executing the tasks assigned to him by the college dean.

    Powers of the Vice Dean of the College for Development and Quality

    1. Recommending the appointment of the supervisors of the affiliated units and departments.
    2. Addressing the relevant bodies inside and outside the university within the jurisdiction of the vice deanship and its scope of responsibilities.
    3. Issuing the internal decisions required for the proper functioning of the vice deanship and its units, in accordance with the bylaws and regulations.
    4. Evaluating the performance of the staff of the vice deanship.
    5. Approving the disbursement of funds from the budget of the vice deanship, according to the organizing regulations.
    6. Approving the regular and emergency leaves for the staff of the units affiliated to the vice deanship.

    Units Affiliated to the Vice Dean of the College for Development and Quality

    The Quality and Academic Accreditation Unit:

    The unit is responsible for spreading the culture of quality and evaluating the level of performance, working on the implementation and follow-up of evaluation and academic accreditation, and developing and implementing the strategic plans of the college. This unit is also responsible for the continuous collection of data and information on quality activities at the college, documenting efforts and results in all quality activities and academic accreditation, as well as reporting on levels of performance and the satisfaction of the beneficiaries of different activities.

    Development Unit:

    This unit is responsible for reinforcing the concept of total quality in terms of changing the attitude, behavior, values, organizational beliefs, management concepts, style of administrative leadership, work systems, performance and procedures, etc. The role of this unit is to link education to the needs of the society, to bring about meaningful educational change, and to enhance and develop creativity among the students.

    Duties of the Unit:

    • Spreading the culture, concepts and standards of quality among academic staff members, students, employees, and the surrounding society.
    • Documenting the vision, mission and strategic objectives of the college, and developing a mechanism to review and update them continuously.
    • Establishing a database to communicate with the graduates.
    • Holding several training courses.
    • Following up the implementation of study plans for different programs by following up the work of their own committees and studying their reports.
    • Following up the specification of programs and academic courses.
    • Following up the preparation of program reports and academic courses.
    • Following up the preparation of the self-study of the college and its educational programs.
    • Developing a system for the support, follow-up and evaluation of units within the college, and learning about the plans used within each unit.
    • Forming quality committees to produce periodic reports.
    • Following up the application of the good practices that promote improvement and development.

    Graduates Unit:

    The Graduates Unit is interested in carrying out the following activities:

    1. Studying the labor market and its relation to the practical disciplines and the required programs.
    2. Contributing to the employment of new graduates.
    3. Helping students provide the information needed to complete postgraduate studies.
    4. Honoring graduates who held leadership positions, in various fields.
    5. Organizing the annual recruitment forum for graduates.
    6. Holding an annual Graduates Day.
    7. Establishing a database with information of all the graduates since the establishment of the college.
    8. Creating a page for graduates on the college website for graduates to register their data and communicate with the college and university.
    9. Announcing innovative and distinguished postgraduate programs that serve the community, college and university.