Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Vision, Mission and Objectives of the College

- 2022/03/16


The college should be outstanding in the sciences of Islamic economics and finance, in terms of education, research, and service to society.


The college seeks to provide distinguished education and prepare specialized cadres in the field of Islamic economic and financial sciences, who are scientifically and professionally qualified. This will be achieved through implementing programs consistent with the criteria of academic accreditation. It also seeks to develop scientific research in its own field of specialization to contribute to the global dissemination of Islamic economic and financial thought.


  • Preparing the college to obtain accreditation from the National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment in order to improve its competitiveness.
  • Enhancing the educational and technological environment of the college and the infrastructure of the laboratories.
  • Restructuring the curricula and syllabuses, ensuring that they comply with the National Academic Standards of (NCAAA) and the distinctive identity of the university, and also fulfill the needs of the beneficiaries.
  • Applying the Islamic educational economic system in a manner that raises the efficiency of students and specialists in various fields (Islamic economy, banking and financial markets, finance and insurance).
  • Developing the human resources in the college.
  • Developing the college research plan in order to serve the vision and mission of the college.
  • Directing scientific research towards practical disciplines.
  • Identifying global economic problems, and contributing to solving them from an Islamic perspective.
  • Establishing a research unit specialized in Islamic economics and finance research. Concluding partnerships and relationships with local and foreign universities and the labor market (banks, financial markets, etc.).

Values and Ethical Principles:

  • Presenting Islamic economics and finance as a universal message, constituting an essential part of the Shari`ah.
  • Demonstrating proficiency and excellence in the fields of Islamic economics and finance.
  • Sustaining knowledge diversity in the fields of Islamic economics, finance, banking, insurance, and funding.