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College Vice-Dean for Academic Affairs

- 2021/12/22

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    The vice dean for academic affairs is responsible for supervising the educational and academic process for undergraduate students, implementing the accredited policies and programs of student affairs and assisting educational services, and helping realize the specific goals.

    Duties of the Vice-Dean for Academic Affairs:

    • Administrative supervision ofunits affiliated to the academic affairs
    • Supervising the process of setting the academic schedules for students
    • Supervising the final exams and committees’ formation
    • Supervising the application of admission and transferring regulations
    • Supervising the work of the student affairs committee and the extracurricular activities committees
    • Chairing the committees connected to the vice-deanship, and submitting their reports to the concerned parties.
    • Supervising the processes of courses equivalency
    • Supervising the deferral and interruption requests, in addition to addition and omission processes
    • Supervising the setting of deprivation lists, and the lists of graduates
    • Supervising the events of the induction week at the College
    • Directing and guiding students, and solving issues related to academic achievement

    Units affiliated to the Vice-Dean for Academic Affairs:

    •  College Council Secretariat:
    The college council secretariat is responsible for setting meeting agenda and the issues to be addressed at the meetings, observing the implementation of the decisions taken by the college council, and maintaining all meeting minutes in an electronic manner.

    •  Student Affairs Unit:
    This unit is responsible for setting the academic schedules, and organizing the processes of admission, addition, and omissionof different college courses.


    •  Student Rights Unit:
    This unit is concerned with supporting students’ rights on basis compatible with the university’s applicable regulations and systems, enhancing the culture of fairness and justice among students, provide necessary counsels, and raising their awareness of their university rights and how to obtain their rights through systematic channels.


    •  Examinations Unit:
    This unit is responsible for organizing examination commissions, distributing the controllers at examination time, and receiving exam papers from other faculties, the trimestral exams, and the make-up exams.


    • Students Activities Unit:
    This unit is mainly concerned with organizing extracurricular activities at the College, ensuring students’engagement in activities, like, trips, theater, internal and external cultural contests, holding exhibitions, and the blood donation week.


    •  Orientation and Guidance Unit:
    This unit is responsible for the reception and orientation of newcomers, introducing them to the college and the different departments, preparing them to college life and study, guiding college students academically, psychologically, socially, and scientifically, giving them the flyers, focusing on students with low academic achievement and those talented, and studying cases in need of financial support from the students’ fund.