Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Vice-Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research

- 2019/10/14


He is a member of the college entitled to supervise the educational, academic and research process for graduate students besides the units he is responsible for in the College. He reports to the dean of the College, he is also a board member.

Duties of the Vice-Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research:

  • Developing and revising the conditions of postgraduate admission.
  • Managing the processes of postgraduate studies at the College, and the associated exams and committees.
  • Chairing the committees connected to the vice-deanship, and submitting their reports to the concerned parties.
  • Managing the events of the induction program for graduate students and observing its execution.
  • Monitoring activities and improving the capabilities of the college in the field of scientific research.
  • Constructing and developing research strategies and plans, and identifying implementation mechanisms at the College.
  • Seeking financial support for the researches from the university and the external financing bodies.
  • Receiving and keeping track of the demands of the departments from scholars, college members and assistant lecturers.
  • Monitoring the conditions of the scholars studying abroad.
  • Receiving the files of graduate students.
  • Receiving the decisions made by the academic departments concerning graduate students.
  • Supervising the study deferring and interruption requests, and the processes of addition and elimination, besides deprivation lists.
  • Encouraging research.
  • Coordinating with the Administration of College & Scholars Recruitment in the university.
  • Encouraging the creation of distinguished academic seat, or research centers of excellence.

Units affiliated to the Vice-Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research:

  • Postgraduate Studies Unit:

This unit is concerned with encouraging graduated studentsfrom local universities and the expatriatesto apply for postgraduate studies, in addition to developing the competencies of the college members and the assisting administrations in the field of postgraduate studies in order to achieve the academic and research quality performance.


  • Scientific Research Unit:

This unit is responsible for increasing the competency and efficiency of the College as one distinguished research center that always seeks to boost participation and collaboration with educational and research centers and institutions, besides community institutions; whether local, regional or global. It also seeks to devise new and innovative domains for researches in rare and distinctive disciplines.


  • Assistant Lectures and International Students Unit:

This unit is concerned with fulfilling the departments’ needs of assistant lecturers, and making sure that they are sent to prominent universities with globally-acknowledged performance, in order to guarantee future superior performance from college members’ level.


  • College & Scholars Recruitment Unit:

This unit is responsible for recruiting distinguished college members and scholars in various disciplines, so as to raise the academic performance, increase the rate of research publications, and attend scientific conferences.