Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Vice-Deanship of the College

- 2019/10/14

Duties and Functions of the Vice Deanship:

  1. Chairing the college’s board, implementing its decisions and observing them, proposing updating or changing the academic programs, considering the viability of the existing departments or adjusting them or integrating them into similar departments, if any, as the common good may require,with taking the objectives of the relevant departments, the consistency of instructions,and the needs of the labor market into consideration.
  2. Devising plans and programs ensuring the improvement of the academic and administrative performance, and which don’t contradict the delegation of powers decision, and based on the coordination and collaboration with the Vice presidency of academic development and community service.
  3. Effective and constant cooperation with the vice presidency of academic development and community service in the field of self-assessment, curriculum development, personnel and staff development, in order to lay the ground for the academic accreditation of the academic courses and degrees.
  4. Constant cooperation with the colleges and administrations of the university and the equivalent colleges in universities around KSA, so that fulfilling the objectives and aspirations of the College.
  5. Communicating with concerned parties in order to learn the specializations the society needs, in coordination and cooperation with the Vice presidency of academic development and community service.
  6. Coordinating with the governmental bodies, commercial chambers and the private sector with the aim of communicating the College’s outcomes, recording their notes concerning the academic plans and the graduates (if any), and making the appropriate changes in coordination with the concerned parties.
  7. Creating commissions for revising, evaluating and developing the curricula of the academic departments on regular basis, and observing the implementation of the recommendations upon being declared by the concerned council.
  8. Devising the dispatch program based on the needs of the academic departments, scheduling it according to the priorities of the College or the university, getting it endorsed by the competent party, and supervising its implementation.
  9. Approving the College’s schedules of courses and examsin coordination with the Deanship of Admission and Registration and the Deanship of Postgraduate Studies.
  10. Recommending the approval of arranging lectures delivered by external professors from other universities, or recruiting visiting professors for the same purpose, asking for the disbursement of their payment based on the department council consent, and reporting that to the Vice-Presidency of Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research.
  11. Demanding the disbursement of remunerations for the college members who are assigned to examine the dissertations and theses of PhD and Master’s degrees, or examining the academic output and observing it according to the regulations and instructions.
  12. Proposing conducting seminars and conferences that are associated with the specializations and activities of the College, and that can help realize the objectives of the university and highlight its standing.
  13. Allowing the college members to give supplementary lectures and lessons, and approving the disbursement of the relevant remunerations, provided that the necessary approval is presented and the amount of money is agreed on, as in consistency with the relevant regulation endorsed by the university president.
  14. Approving on the governmental entities requesting college professors to deliver lectures or taking part in seminars or symposiums organized by those entities within KSA, provided this won’t interfere with their performance in the College and won’t not incur any financial liability on the university as agreed by college council consent, and reporting that to the Vice-Presidency of Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research for endorsement.
  15. Allowing the college members to participate in Master’s thesis discussions in universities and collegesin KSA upon those entities’ request, provided that this won’t interfere with their performance in the College and result in any financial liability on the university.
  16. Holding meetings with college members and students separately in order to discuss their demands and problems and listen to their suggestions, at least once in the semester.
  17. Giving his permission on the disbursement of the remunerations of visiting professors based on the consent of the competent officer for taking part in assessing the academic plans and programs or examining the theses and dissertations as in compliance with the financial regulations and instructions.
  18. Seeking resources for the College, and examining any proposals that serve that purpose, considering the fact that each institute has its own separate account that is opened upon our endorsement and in coordination with the financial controller in order to tap those resources for the sake of achieving the desired objectives of enhancing the academic and educational elements.
  19. Preparing a draft budget for each college or institute, elaborating the budget’s five year plan, supervising its implementation, and coordinating with the Administration of Budgets and Planning and development.
  20. Nominating the College vice deans and department heads in consistence with what is stipulated in the regulation.
  21. The College dean delegates some of his powers to the vice deans according to the specializations of each vice dean; and thus facilitating the workflow and speeding up the procedures according to resolutions endorsed by the competent authority.
  22. Making the annual report and submit it to the university president.
  23. Nominating units supervisors and report that to the university president.
  24. Advising on the appointment of assistant lecturers, lecturers, and college members, Saudis and those on contract alike, based on the nominations of the academic departments and the recommendations of the college council, and according to the applicable regulations.
  25. Advising on renewing or terminating the contracts of the non-Saudi staff members and lecturers based on the performance appraisals approved by the department heads, and reporting that to the Vice-Presidency of Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research.
  26. Recommending the appointment of Saudi nationals in jobs approved and listed in the budget of the college or the institute in accordance with the regulations and instructions.
  27. Approving on dividingor cancelling the leaves of college members, lecturers, assistant lecturers – Saudis and non-Saudis alike – or giving them accidental leaves or exit\re-entry visas based on the recommendations of the academic departments, and recommending the disbursement of their compensation according to the regulations.
  28. Taking part in conducting the performance appraisals for the college members and the entire staff of the non-Saudis, including the administrative employees working in the secretariat of the departments.
  29. Informing the Deanship of College Affairs of the job vacancies in the college or the institute to take the necessary actions.
  30. Recommending the recruitment of non–Saudis, where appropriate, to take some of the academic or technical jobs at the college or the institute based on the recommendations of the academic departments, and reporting that to the competent authorities.
  31. Supervising the librarians at the colleges and institutes of the university in terms of work discipline and progress, provided that this won’t interfere with the powers given to the dean of library affairs.
  32. Each collegeand institute shall be given an imprest fund of about twenty five thousands SAR, and the college or institute dean is entitled to spend from it up to ten thousands based on the urgent needs as emphasized by the regulations and instructions, and the rules of imprest funds, according to the purposes and terms stipulated in the resolution of the imprest.
  33. Reporting the needs of the College of lab\workshops equipment upon the relevant departments’ request.
  34. Giving the permission of discharging from the college or the institute’s relevant warehouse, and approving receipt forms of the materials and the discharge forms of the materials related to the college or the institute.
  35. Entitling the Administration of Purchase to directly spend from thecollege’sor the institute’s money allocation with fifty thousand SAR for each purchase order related to the academic equipment and devices, and twenty five thousand SAR to buy things other than that, except for office or home furniture, television and medical devices, and cars; which are not included in its powers, with full conformity to the applicable regulations and instructions.
  36. Direct assignment of service, maintenance and reparation works for laboratories and academic , medical and TV devices, within an amount of 50 thousands SAR and according to the amounts specified for the college or the institute, and according to the applicable regulations and instructions and with prior agreement.
  37. As for the College affiliates, the following powers are given:

    (37/1) Approving the performance appraisals for the college or institute affiliates

    (37/2)  Endorsing information certificates, apart from certificates of experience or those including professional or financial data and information or letters of appreciation

    (37/3) Reporting their commencement or leaving of work

    (37/4) Signing disclaimers

    (37/5) Requesting the referral of the college or institute affiliates, whether administrative employees, specialists, employees, or workmen, to be investigated with in whatever violations attached to them, and reporting that to the university vice dean

    (37/6) Approving the emergency leaves of the employees, and reporting that to the Deanship of College Affairs (academic level), or the Department of Personnel Affairs (administrative level)

    (37/7) Approving the annual leaves of the employees and reporting that to the Department of Personnel Affairs (administrative employees), at least 10 days before the start of the needed leave

    (37/8) Approving emergency and administrative leaves for the college affiliates, ad reporting that to the Department of Personnel Affairs for necessary action

    (37/9) Approving on dividing or postponing the leaves of the contracting employees, except for college members, lecturers and assistant lecturers, and reporting that to Deanship of College Affairs in order to takethe necessary actions

  38. Direct communication with competent officers within the university