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Umm Al-Qura University

Members of the College Council

- 2019/12/24

The Bylaws of Higher Education Council

Article 35 of the Higher Education and Universities Council bylaws stipulates that:

The College Council meets at the invitation of its chairman at least once a month. The meeting shall not be valid without a quorum of at least two-thirds of its members. Resolutions shall not be considered valid without the approval of the majority of the Council members; in case of equal voting, the chairman's side prevails.

The resolutions of the council are effective unless they are rejected by the president of the university within fifteen days of him receiving them. If the president objects a specific resolution, he will return the matter to the council with his reason for objection so the council reconsider its resolution. If the council insists on its prior position, the objected resolution will be referred to the university council to decide on the matter in the first possible session, whether it is an ordinary or special session. The university council has then the right to ratify, amend or cancel the resolution, and its decision in this regard is final. The College Council is entitled to create permanent or temporary committees made up of either its members or others.