Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Research Vision, Objectives and Policies

- 2016/04/17

Vision and Objectives of the Medical Applied Sciences College for Scientific Research on the Medical Fields


An Overview:

Given the belief of the prudent government spearheaded by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques in the importance of the scientific research for prospering nations and peoples, the King Abdul-Aziz City for Science and Technology was entrusted with setting the Kingdom’s strategic plan regarding developing the scientific research in all fields, with the medical and health sectors included. Accordingly, the Medical Applied Sciences College embraced this plan in its vision and mission in the scientific research field and human society service in general and Saudi and Islamic societies in particular. Similarly, the City is fully supported and directed by the University President, University Vice-president for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research, Scientific Research Dean and the staff of the University Science and Technology Unit.

College’s Vision for Improving the Scientific Research:

Scientific research is one of the key pillars for human development and real asset for the state’s economies. In the same vein, the medical and health fields are main and effective pivots for preventing all the diseases, and providing effective health care in a manner serves the human society.

Objectives of the Medical Applied Sciences College on Scientific Research Field:

  • Encouraging all the academic staff with all their scientific degrees to effectively participate in the scientific research field and health and medical sciences for meeting the Saudi society needs in particular and human society in general

  • Securing the funding sources for scientific and medical researchers in the College annually
  • Preparing the generations to come, and providing them the necessary means for developing the scientific research on the health field in the Kingdom
  • Taking part and presenting the scientific research results done by all the College’s departments in the prestigious scientific journals and the reputable, relevant domestic and international conferences
  • Establishing an infrastructure with high quality specifications, and providing the research laboratories  with the research laboratories, technologies and modern equipment for guaranteeing the continuity of conducting the scientific researches  to the generation to come  

Medical Applied Sciences College Research Policies:

  • The College  research priorities are centered around the recommendations issued  by the King Abdul-Aziz City for Science and Technology in the Kingdom’s strategic strategy on the medical and health field

  • Each academic staff member , starting with the full time teaching assistant, must participate at least  as a main/associate researcher in any of the research grants funded by one of reputable, recognized national scientific research funding bodies
  • Each academic staff member, starting with a full time assistant professor, must submit, at least, the scientific research results in respectable relevant impact factor scientific journals. Not to mention that the names of teaching assistants or lecturers co-authored the research must be recorded on the author list or on the acknowledgement  list according to the extent of their participation in the research outcomes
  • Each academic staff member, starting with a full time assistant professor, must supervise academic staff members with a lecture/teaching assistant degree to guarantee the transferring of scientific proficiency and experience to the rising generations. The academic staff member must take part in supervising, at least, one of the graduation researches for the bachelor-degree students with its two departments included. This is intended for ensuring and guaranteeing the developing of the human capacity for the scientific researches in the kingdom.
  • Each college must provide the laboratory equipment and accessories necessary for the research laboratories in all departments. Further, all the College’s academic staff members must give away all the equipment and instruments they got through research-funded grants to the College’s research laboratories to ensure the readiness of these laboratories for conducting more researches in the future.
  • Academic staff members are appropriated 25% of the annual exceptional salary raise in the College based upon fulfilling College’s above-mentioned research policies