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English Course for Girls (101 - passing)

- 2017/03/07

English Course for Girls (101) (BA)

Course Code

Course Name


Target Group

Study System

Final Exam


English Language

University Requirement

Female students of arts departments only

Self-study (no classes)

No classroom



PW = Pass without grade

FW = Fail without grade



Course Outline

The English Course for Girls (101) is designed for students of arts colleges, with the aim to enable them to excel in using the English language: nouns, verbs, propositions, etc., and in building simple sentences.

It is a self-study course, based on the below-mentioned curriculum. It is supported with exercises automatically marked, and providing students with real-time feedback.

For any inquiries, please seek help from your professor at his/her stated office-hours. Or you could send him/her an email at the email address mentioned at the UQU website.


Basic Curriculum:

"Free Grammar E-Book",  available at:   

A set of topics have been picked up from the book, and collected in this file:

Espresso English


Learning Method:

Students have to go through the e-book, while connected to the Internet, to be able to locate the e-exercises The exercises are instantly corrected by the website.

Those exercises are considered a great opportunity for students to comprehend English grammar, and apply its rules. They also familiarize students with the type of questions they are to find in the final exam. For more clarity, please take a look at the following illustrative figure:

The exercises and examples in this book are often based on commonly used vocabulary. However, if a student is not able to grasp the meaning of a certain word or term, she can look it up in a dictionary. By so doing, students will not only pass the course, but be outstanding as well.


What's next?

The main goal of this course is to be the starting-point of English learning, and the base upon which students could compile their knowledge, if they would like to. Following are some optional topics to look into, and develop your linguistic skills:

  1. Present Simple:


  1. Past Simple:


  1. Present Continuous:


  1. Negatives:


  1. Questions:


  1. Articles:


  1. Prepositions:


  1. Comparative and Superlative:


  1. Pronouns:


  1. Countable/Uncountable nouns



Date & Time of the Final Exam:

  • The exam will be held during the week preceding general exams (culture & Quran)   
  • Date: Not yet defined.
  • Time: Not yet defined.
  • Venue: Not yet defined.

Please check the website every now and then to be updated with the date and time of your exam.



  • Follow up the announcements and notices regarding the English Course (101), to be found on the notice boards of the University's various departments and corridors, to keep abreast of all developments in this regard.
  • Follow up updates at the UQU website.
  • It is your own responsibility to follow up such updates.


Update your data: 

  • Please update your cell-phone number at "My Services" section on the UQU website.
  • It is important, also, to activate your university email. That's because all university correspondence shall be sent to your university, rather than the private, email. ([email protected]).
  • Information related to date, time and venue of the exam shall often be sent to you as SMS and email.
  • It's your own responsibility to receive such messages.
  • Visit this page to know how to activate your email:


Exam Instructions:

  • Make sure that your division number and professor are correct.
  • Be sure to show up at the exam venue 15 minutes prior to the exam start time.
  • Check the names list at the door of the exam room, and make sure your name is in the list.
  • Show your university ID at the door of the exam room.

  No student will be allowed to take the exam except in the stated date and time.