Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Linguistics Master Program

- 2016/11/23

Linguistics Master Program



The Applied Linguistics Master Program has been crafted to enable the students to understand the close relation between working in the linguistics field and the pedagogic and social issues of the Saudi society on one hand and language teaching profession on the other. This is concerned with teaching the English language as a first or second language, or teaching it as a foreign language or doing foreign languages.      

In today’s world teaching and learning foreign languages took center stage given the concept of the global citizenry, ushered in by the information technology revolution, which reduced distances and crossed all borders and made cultures affect each other. Thus, it became necessary to create an appropriate pedagogic environment for keeping abreast with such fast-developing world. Also, learning foreign languages, namely the English language, the world’s most widely-spoken language, got highly-prioritized.  The status of the English language and the necessity of learning and teaching it worldwide in all intermediate and advanced levels can not be questioned.

It goes without saying that the importance of teaching and learning the English language and mastering its skills is no longer a luxury but it is a   practical and life necessity. It is also necessary for coping with the future developments, and for understanding and co-existing with others and serving our interests with them. This in turn requires giving a bigger time for learning the English language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Further, facts has shown that teaching the English language in the Kingdom lacks capabilities essential to graduating English teachers and its educational supervisors with the linguistic practical competence needed. For the language is a mental knowledge only achieved by having the learner experience it within appropriate period in a real life situations or simulated environment; to be prepared for the labor market and to be able to communicate with the other cultures in a smooth way. As such, such a Program is to adopt the courses system, provided by the University’s postgraduate regulation.    


The Program aims at:

  • Developing understanding and knowledge for the concepts, issues and research methods introduced to the main fields related to the applied linguistics field.
  • Boosting the students’ capacity for critically analyzing the issues affecting the current pedagogic practices relevant to the fields of applied linguistics and language teaching.
  • Creating an environment in which the students are able to brush up on their academic and research capacities, together with developing ideas that can be applied on real ground.
  • Increasing the academic achievement of the teachers with expertise on the English language teaching and learning field.
  • Broadening the scientific research circle in the applied linguistics.
  • Qualifying the students for surveying the linguistic issues existing in daily life.
  • Developing understanding for the not only English language, but also for the culture of its native speakers.  


Study System

The study program takes the form of courses as provided in article 33, paragraph 2 of the uniform regulation of the postgraduate studies at the universities. It is worth mentioning that all the courses of this Program are in English: reading and writing. 


Study Duration

  • Study extends for at least two years.