Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Library of Qunfudah College of Engineering

- 2017/12/13

Library of Qunfudah College of Engineering is located at the fourth floor of the building of College of Engineering and College of Computer in Qunfudah. . The library consists of two halls: the first one houses all engineering-related books and updated accredited study references. It also houses the office of the chief librarian. There is a laser barcode reader system and a manual system for some references that don't have a barcode.
The second hall is furnished with individual tables for readers from students and those who need to consult rare references that can't be borrowed. The library also has computers, printers, and photocopying machines.








What are the library working hours? 

From Sunday to Thursday from 8 am to 2:30 pm 

How can I borrow a book? 

First you are required to register library membership.

What are membership conditions? 
To be a UQU staff, faculty member or student

What's the maximum number of books I can borrow at one time? and for how long? 
It differs by membership category as bellow:


Max No of Books

Borrowing Period

Faculty Member


120 days



120 days

Teaching Assistant


120 days



15 days



15 days

Is there a penalty for returning books late?
Yes, the penalized shall be prohibited from borrowing books for a period equal to that of the delay

- Can I borrow periodicals? 
No. Same goes for references, formal prints and manuscripts

- Can I photocopy them? 
Yes but within photocopying systems allowed by the Deanship of Library Affairs

 - What to do if I lost a book I borrowed? 
Inform the librarian as soon as possible. Penalty is to be determined according the lost book related regulation.