Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

College Vice-Deanship for Educational Affairs and Development

- 2018/02/03

The College Vice-Deanship for Educational Affairs and Development was established in 29th of Rabei I, 1435H. Its main objective has been to contribute to developing the skill, professional and ethical formation of the college students, paying them close attending and advancing all their educational aspects by creating an ideal academic atmosphere which stimulate the scientific and performance and progress, in such a manner which ensures investing students capacities and qualifying distinctive national competencies in a recognized community aspects to meet development aspirations sought by our wise rulers.  


 Tasks of the College Vice-Deanship for Educational Affairs and Development:

  • Assessing study and academic programs and plans of the college of engineering and developing them in accordance with its mission and objectives and in collaboration with the university and the relevant authorities.  
  • Boosting capacities of the college members related to learning and teaching skills by supporting them and creating stimulating academic atmosphere full-fledged for excellence and innovation in teaching and learning.
  • The ongoing developing of the academic structures and units in a manner which serves the effective management of the college, departments and the academic programs and leading them to achieve their objective in a proper way.
  • Outlining visions, plans, policies, goals of measurement and assessment at the college level and spread culture of measurement and assessment by organizing training courses, workshops, lectures, and seminars, diversifying measurements techniques and adopting modern styles in the field of performance measurement and assessment.   
  • Forging academic cooperation with the counterparts in the prominent universities and scientific institutions, at the local, regional and international levels, in a bid to achieve quality of the scientific outputs.  
  • Overseeing requests of courses equivalence, study postponement and total withdrawal, besides course dropping and addition for the students of the college according to the laws and regulations.  
  • Overseeing setting up of study and exams tables and ensuring their accuracy and achieving them in the definite time in collaboration with the university college and the deanship of admission and registration, as well as forming the competence committees therein.
  • Overseeing the process of preparing lists of the debarred students according to the mechanism set by the university regulations.
  • Recommending staffing college departments with the required college members  and persons of similar status according to rules and regulations governing such a thing.
  • To keep track of published topics related to the educational affairs, study and analyze them and identify areas of their implications and impact on the college's mission, strategic plan and educational programs.
  • Supervising preparation of the annual report on the performance of College Vice-Deanship and its the affiliated units and committees.
  • Overseeing units and committees affiliated to the vice-deanship of educational affairs and submit their reports to the  competent authorities.
  • Preparing annual and exceptional reports about the developmental works related to the programs and the scientific affairs in the college including the developmental proposals and submit them to the Dean, and following up their implementation after they are approved by him, in order to ensure integrity  of the development and modernization effort in the college and the academic  accreditation.
  • Overseeing the financial affairs and the specified funds and their programs according to the laws and regulations.