Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Department of Administrative and Financial Affairs

- 2016/04/14


  1. Department of Administrative and Financial Affairs: 

Main tasks:

  1. Undertake deanship administrative, and financial transactions;
  2. Keeping track of clock in and clock out records and reporting them to the Follow-up department;
  3. Following up with administrative decisions and assignments issued by the dean;
  4. Following up on deanship administrative and financial affairs;
  5. Forming committees to undertake administrative or financial tasks;
  6. Assigning administrative or financial tasks to deanship staff within their scope of work;
  7. Annual appraisal for deanship staff;
  8. Recommending deanship staff members for promotion;
  9. Requesting information on any administrative worker at the deanship;
  10. Following up on deanship staff requests and procedures for those requests;
  11. Reporting special vacation and resumption of duty for all deanship staff;
  12. Following up on implementation of decisions issued by the deanship;
  13. Undertaking any other tasks assigned to it.