Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

E-Learning Systems Department

- 2016/04/14

2- E-Learning Systems Department:

The department is responsible for e-learning systems designed to help faculty members and students further engage in the educational process through electronic curricula and supplementary teaching activities. It's also tasked with providing technical support services to students and faculty members to facilitate how they interact with the systems, as well as providing the required support for electronic exams.   

Main Tasks:

  1. Setting future action plans for E-Learning Systems Department in concert with the strategic vision of the deanship;
  2. Following up on performing tasks, and making a regular report of deanship progress;
  3. Presiding over coordination meetings of E-learning Systems divisions, and directly supervising work process;
  4. Continually following up on E-Learning Systems staff performance, and submitting assessment and recommendation reports to the deanship;
  5. e- Offering feedback on candidates for posts at any of the department's divisions;
  6. Communicating with the Deanship of Information Technology in case of the need to assist in performing development task or solving a technical problem related to the department's divisions;
  7. Supervising work status in E-Learning actual and virtual labs at UQU;
  8. Securing operation supplies and requirements for the department's divisions;
  9. Undertaking any other tasks assigned to it.


The department comprises the following divisions:

          1-Education Environment Management Division:


  1. Daily monitoring error logs to detect any system error and find the necessary solutions;
  2. Making regular reports about systems readiness, errors rate, and system traffic;
  3. Actively cooperating with system analysts and programmers to solve issues that might encounter the systems;
  4. Following up on fixing any system breakdown or error with contractors;
  5. Assisting system users to make the most of their experience;
  6. Offering suggestion to colleges and departments that handle unconventional work;
  7. Helping colleagues, at the various departments of deanship, professionally and easily undertake the tasks related to the system;
  8. Updating the deanship and university activities calendar on the system to remind users of the important events;
  9. Identifying roles and authorities of each group of system users;
  10. Updating e-learning systems in coordination with specialist service providers;
  11. Undertaking any other tasks assigned to it;


               2- Databases and Servers Management Division:


  1. Backing up databases and servers;
  2. Following up on servers operation to ensure they are working normally;
  3. Following up on memory consumption rate, processor, hard disks, and downloading capacity for all servers in order to set a plan for server upgrade to prevent any e-learning system bottleneck;
  4. Securing and updating servers;
  5. Communicating with the Deanship of Information Technology to solve emergency technical problems related to servers and databases;
  6. Communication with specialist companies to solve technical issues;
  7. Following up on instant/SMS messages system;
  8. Undertaking any other tasks assigned to it.


               3- Technical Support Division:


  1. Receiving technical support requests from system users and responding to them using different communication media;
  2. Following up on problems facing system users from deanship staff, and helping them fix those problems;
  3. Generating regular reports on the division work, and the general issues facing users;
  4. Developing technical support mechanisms to facilitate communication with system users;
  5. Undertaking any other tasks assigned to it.

                4- Labs and Electronic exams Divisions:


  1. Managing electronic exams labs at UQU;
  2. Securing the required financial and human resources for UQU electronic exams labs;
  3. Undertaking regular maintenance for labs and ensuring their validity for operation;
  4. Coordinating faculty members' lab booking requests to hold electronic exams;
  5. Following up on electronic labs establishment projects at UQU;
  6. Helping faculty members understand exam structure mechanism and marking in electronic curricula;
  7. Assisting UQU colleges and departments in creating their own question banks;
  8. Following-up on faculty members, guiding them, and providing them with the required technical support;
  9. Taking part in developing electronic exams software;
  10. Keeping abreast of electronic systems and software;
  11. Making regular reports on electronic labs and exams work process;
  12. Undertaking any other tasks assigned to it.


                     5- Website Management Division:


  1. Managing and developing the deanship website;
  2. Identifying any issues facing the deanship website and finding the proper solutions for them;
  3. Developing a vision for developing the deanship website services;
  4. Undertaking any other tasks assigned to it.