Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Distance Education Division

- 2017/05/31

Distance Education Division:

This division is responsible for preparing, implementing and following up the University's distance education programs, by using modern technologies instead of the traditional education. Besides, the division develops those programs to cope with the international quality standards, and in a manner commensurate with the University's outstanding disciplines.

Tasks and Responsibilities of the Division:

- Prepare, implement and follow up the University's distance education programs;

- Embrace the modern technologies and methods available;

- Develop distance education to go in line with the internationally approved quality standards; and

- Assume any other task assigned to it.


The division consists of three departments:

1. The Department of Distance Education, responsible for:

  • Contributing to preparation of educational programs;
  • Creating appropriate environment for education (teaching methods, sources, references, etc.);
  • Coordinating with the competent academic bodies to prepare and update the academic programs, in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations;
  • Contributing with the competent bodies in the Deanship to developing study plans, converting courses into online courses, and making sure that they meet the required criteria; and
  • Assuming any other task assigned to it.


2. The Department of Online Exams and Benchmarks, responsible for:

  • Coordinating and contributing with the competent divisions of the Deanship to prepare online exams and benchmarks;
  • Prepare and organize online exams and benchmarks in cooperation with the competent academic bodies; and
  • Assuming any other task assigned to it.


3. The Department of Assessment and Follow-up, responsible for:

  • Assessing study programs and outputs of distance education, as per the scientific assessment criteria;
  • Following up progress of the educational process as planned, and preparing regular reports to be submitted to the deanship; and
  • Assuming any other task assigned to it.