Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Field Training Program

- 2019/03/12

Field Training Program

  • The eighth semester of the student’s plan is allocated for the field training. It is equivalent to 6 credit hours of the student’s graduation plan.
  • The duration of the field training is one (1) semester (14 weeks).

First: Study Preparation Phase (1 Week)

  1. Welcome the student teachers in a networking session.
  2. Introduce the field training phases to the student teachers.
  3. Introduce the student teachers to the school’s management, teachers, and staff.
  4. Conduct a field tour to familiarize student teachers with the educational environment of the school, such as: administrative offices, halls, laboratories, and resource rooms.
  5. Introduce the school systems, regulations, guides, and curricula to the student teachers.
  6. Determine the communication tools to be used with the student teachers, such as cell phones, e-mails, meetings, and supervisory visits.

Second: Planning Phase

  • Hold a meeting with the student teachers at the beginning of the semester.
  • Hold a meeting with the university supervisor at the beginning of the semester.
  • Discuss the overall plan of the semester. (Distribute the topics over the weeks of the semester.)
  • Discuss the planning of the units and lessons presented by the university, and those implemented in the field, and align between them.
  • Discuss the teaching skills, strategies, reinforcement methods, and evaluation regulation tools.
  • Discuss the proposed teaching techniques.
  • Discuss the problem-solving methods and guidance tools.

Third: Teaching Phase

During this phase, the student teacher should work under gradual supervision during the three teaching phases, as follows:

  1. The student teacher watches and assists the supervising teacher while they teach, for 4 weeks.
  2. The student teacher participates with the supervising teacher in teaching 50% of their sessions, for 4 weeks.
  3. The student teacher teaches on their own, while the supervising teacher offers guidance only, for 4 weeks.
  4.  The student teacher attends all previous teaching stages of the supervising teacher offers guidance.

5. The student teacher should be trained in teaching skills, strategies, and techniques.

6. The supervising teacher trains the student teacher in all evaluation regulations and tools.

Fourth: Evaluation Phase

  • Regular evaluation with daily feedback. (Provide the student teacher with information on their progress in the training.)
  • Provide feedback after each phase of the previously mentioned teaching phases.
  • Present the student teacher’s progress to the university supervisor and the school principal.
  • Participation of the university supervisor in the midterm evaluation of the student teacher, using the Evaluation Form.
  • Participation of the university supervisor in the final evaluation of the student teacher, using the Evaluation Form.
  • Assist the student teacher in their professional growth by encouraging them to attend professional meetings at the school and the ministry.