Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Objectives of the Center

- 2016/04/20

Social Sciences Research Center

Apart from the university objectives the Umm Al Qura University seeks to fulfill, the Social Sciences Researches Center solely works on achieving the following objectives:

1.     Instructing the University academic staff members specialized on the social and economic sciences field, and taking part in research projects upon holding to the moral aspects when conducting a scientific research to foster the latitude and spiritual values emanating from our Islamic religion teachings and the righteousness of   our prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, which benefit the University and the Kingdom.

2.     Doing the distinctive research projects which contribute to solving the economic and social problems; drawing on the geographic information systems in taking and supporting decision at the University level or in general

3.     Participating in raising the educational levels at the University and the educational institutions in the Kingdom by capitalizing on the results of the research projects conducted in the economic and social fields; and applying the workable ones each is their fields of specialty  

4.     Submitting the results of the workable projects and providing the scientific consultations for all the educational bodies such as universities and educational institutions with the aim of developing the public and university education   

5.     Organizing workshops, training courses and scientific seminars for disseminating the scientific research culture on the social and economic sciences, English language teaching and geography fields

6.     Advancing the scientific research level on the social and economic studies fields for meeting the University’s needs and its staff in particular and Saudi society in general

7.     Participating and partnering with all the societal institutions in doing researches on fields related to society, security and economy