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Profile on the Center

- 2016/04/21

The Pharmaceutical Science Researches Center seeks to advance the research process through contributing to developing the quality of scientific research on the main fields for pharmacology. These fields include clinical pharmacy, pharmacokinetic within the body, pharmaceutical chemistry, and analytic chemistry, pharmacology, toxicology and pharmaceutical regulation and legislation.


To boost the scientific pharmaceutical researches, the Umm Al Qura University Scientific Research Deanship adopted the introducing of the Pharmaceutical Science Researches Center as a specialized administrative and scientific body.


To fulfill the University’s message in serving the society, the Center plays a key role in solving the common applied pharmaceutical problems through distinctive researches help enrich the world scientific,  vital and medical  knowledge.


The Center features a scientific, distinctive and appropriate environment managed by highly qualified administrative and academic system. The Center’s environment is similarly characterized with extensive experience on the scientific and pharmaceutical researches field.


Further, the Center’s efforts focus on developing the research activities at the Umm AL Qura University Pharmacology College. The Center encourages the academic staff member to conduct researches, organize workshops and give lectures relevant to scientific research. By the same token,   the Center collaborates with the University in fulfilling its message regarding the research field. For example, the Center does applied researches aiming at solving the real life problems the society faces in the field of drug use and chemical compounds.


Also, the Center works on consolidating the cultural and scientific ties with the other universities and scientific bodies at the arab and world level - as well as holding joint seminars and conferences.