Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University


- 2019/03/31

The Applied Science Research Center is considered a specialized administrative and scientific body, and it was introduced to support the applied scientific researches under the supervision of the Umm Al Qura University Scientific Research Deanship. The Center plays an important role in materializing the University’s message regarding serving the society by taking part in working out the common applied scientific and mathematic problems. This takes place through enriching the world scientific, biotic, industrial, environmental and medical knowledge.

The Center includes a remarkable and appropriate scientific environment for the researcher, managed by highly qualified administrative and academic system. It also has long time experience in the scientific, applied research field. The Center’s efforts concentrate on searching for new scientific horizons and technologies, and drawing on modern methods in the petrochemical industries and renewable energy fields in order to benefit from the Kingdom’s natural resources. The Center similarly studies insect-transmitted diseases, ways of treatment or limiting its spread- in addition to upgrading the appropriate environmental means for meeting and providing medical and social environment in general and for the Hajj and Umrah performers in particular. The Center further develops the mathematical models for simulating the society environment, and it pays attention to   the researches and methods of finding out medicines and therapeutic technologies and disease causatives.  

By the same token, the Center is interested in the researches concerned with the genetic studies related to plants and organisms in the Kingdom for protecting the germplasm and conserving its natural resources. Also, the close cooperation between the Center and the University’s other research centers and other concerned sectors forms the most important Center’s objectives and aspirations to enrich its research activities.