Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Vice Deanship of Scientific Research for Research Priorities

- 2020/09/15


To make Umm Al-Qura University a scientific reference by publishing awareness research projects serving the requirements of the region.


UQU research priorities are based on the national requirements to develop and improve Makkah and the services provided for pilgrims in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These requirements vary from one sector to another, and the research projects which achieve the region's requirements have priority, in order to achieve the goals of the Saudi Vision 2030.

  1. Boosting the efficiency of practical research by setting research priorities serving the region and the pilgrims.
  2. Creating a research momentum in the university by introducing research projects serving the university in achieving its objectives.
  3. Guiding the researchers to provide quality research projects serving the university's research priorities.
  4. Linking research efficiency with the university's research priorities.
  5. Establishing a network linking researchers' specializations and their research fields with the university's research priorities.
  6. Increasing the outcome of the applied and high-yielding global scientific research in such a manner which serves the region.
  7. Linking the scientific and applied research with the global trends and the local requirements.
  8. Developing research in the university's orientation and research priorities which depend on participation between the colleges and different scientific departments.
  9. Developing a plan for the scientific research taking into consideration the scientific and applied priorities of the research projects (to be revised and developed every two years).