Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Importance of the Chair and the Reasons for Its Establishment

- 2020/05/10

Since its rise, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has attached care to orphans, serving them and fulfilling their needs. There have been plans drawn up and programs and projects carried out that aimed at providing whatever it takes to save their dignity and cultivate in them the values of citizenship, belonging and self-reliance. This care has continued from all interested parties: governmental, private and charitable. The importance of taking care of them has especially increased in this era, as their numbers have doubled, their problems have grown more complicated, and their needs have become diversified as a result of developments and transformations in contemporary society. This necessitated taking the method of care to a level that ensures that these growing needs are met efficiently and competently.

This Chair project comes within the framework of relentless pursuit from all sectors of society to advance the cause of orphans and nurture them on solid scientific foundations, based on objectivity and accuracy in defining and implementing integrated care programs.

The Orphans Research Chair is based on the kind care of the Abdul-Latif Al-Essa Foundation, which has been funding and sponsoring it for three years, and actively participated in all steps of its establishment.

International Center for Research and Studies – Medad has played a major role in establishing this Chair, starting with the idea and carrying out all the preparation procedures.

The importance of this Chair lies in the development it is expected to realize in the field of orphan care, and the sophisticated provision of such care on the ground by identifying the components of this important field. It is equally important to study the real needs of this field in light of real data and scholarly investigation, based on which visions, programs and projects are built to promote this cause and the necessary duties being fulfilled towards this dear segment of society. This will take them from the care phase to the developmental phase, where they actively participate in serving themselves and their community.

In addition, the Chair can provide to the host university a good opportunity to fulfill its role in community service through the inclusion of scientific programs and various activities.

The Chair is based on a clear strategic vision, through which the goals and future targets are made clear. On the basis of these, the Chair's programs, projects and orientations are built within the framework of the state's philosophy, goals and policies in this field. Strategic planning also contributes to raising awareness of the importance of the charitable sector in general, which has gained a prominent position in the national transformation plans, development goals, community service, and the fulfillment of the needs for its renaissance and sustainability.