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An Introduction about the 'Enabling Women in Scientific Research' Forum

- 2019/03/10

An Introduction About the 'Enabling Women in Scientific Research' Forum:

Empowerment in scientific research provides the roadmap for the knowledge economy and is considered one of the most important constituent parts of the development of human thought, which signifies that the amount of contribution paid to it can negatively or positively affect the progress and development of the people.

Women have participated in the development of this area of thought, and contributed to various developmental and social fields. Ever since the era of prophethood, women have exerted ceaseless diligence in quest for knowledge. As a result of their knowledge seeking efforts, numerous leading female scholars have emerged as central figures whose scientific achievements are still celebrated to this day. Their names remain memorable and their knowledge has benefited the people. History has recorded their names, biographies, and legacies, and preserved their scientific excellence and scholastic brilliance.

Throughout time, women have left their imprint in development fields. This participation directly impacts the Saudi society, and helps in its progress and adjustment of its plans, especially since women's empowerment in society ranks among the priorities of the Saudi Vision 2030. Among its main objectives are strengthening women's research capacities, highlighting their scientific output in various fields, and employing their research skills to serve the society and fulfill its needs.

State-supported scientific research is one of the most significant indicators of the quality of a research proposal and its relevance to national trends. The next criterion is the publication in prestigious scientific journals. These indicators show that the gap between women's and men's research interest is becoming wider every day, despite the unlimited support extended by the concerned authorities to women's scientific research. This requires us to pause in order to identify and discuss the phenomenon at hand, and suggest possible solutions.

Umm Al-Qura University has been trying to overcome the difficulties faced by female researchers and enhance their opportunities of receiving support, while taking into consideration the many responsibilities they have. It has developed a special support program (designed for academics) in order to achieve the targeted objective. It has arranged a number of specialized training courses to promote opportunities in receiving internal and external support. It has also directed careful attention to hosting female figures who can help female researchers identify areas of support, and be able to perceive and overcome judging preferences (across different specialties).

Forum Date: 14 Rajab 1441 A.H.