Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Preparation Program for Ghars Voluntary Team for Ghars Team Affiliates–First Semester 1439\ 1440 AH.

- 2018/11/13

Program Name: 

Qualifying Ghars Voluntary Team

Program Summary:

The Vice Deanship of Scientific Research for Research Volunteering and Voluntary Research offers the first preparation program for Ghars Voluntary Team affiliates. It aimed at developing their research and scientific skills to achieve distinction and and success in voluntary research services, which will promote their achievement and that of the team in the future.

Program Hours: 8

List of courses:

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Technical Preparation for Scientific Research Services

Hana' Abdul-Rahim Muahmmad Yamani

2018 -10-10

The Bases of Scientific Research

Khadijah Muhammad Saaid Abdullah Jan

2018 -10-16

The Art of Presenting Scientific Research

Hanadi Muhammad Husayn Buhayri

2018 -10-21

Voluntary Initiative Producing

Sumayah Ezzat Sharf Sharf

2018 -10-22


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