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Training Courses on Scientific Research for Faculty Members in the First Semester of the Academic Year 1439-1440 A.H.

- 2018/11/13

Program Name:

Developing the Researchers’ Skills

Program Summary:

The program is aimed at promoting the efficiency of administrative leaders in the field of scientific research to ensure compatibility between the institution's vision in scientific research and the academic programs. It endorses common concepts for prominent practices and targeted performance indicators to upgrade the level of scientific research and its outcomes on the national and international arena. The program targets administrative leaders in the field of scientific research, and prominent researchers from Umm Al-Qura University who have achieved success in research support programs with external or internal research scholarships.

Program Hours: 12



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Scientific Research Ethics

Hisham Faruq Al-Tuhamy `Uraby

2018 -09-30

Workshop on International Cooperation- Problems and Suggestions

Abdul-Rahman Ghalib Ibrahim Al-Ahdal

2018 -10-02

Illustrated Data in Scientific Research

Ala' Abdul-Basit Abdullah Al-Milibari

2018 -10-03

Preparation of National Initiatives in Scientific Research

Faisal Ahmad Khalil Allaf

2018 -10-07

Research Priorities under National Vision Programs 2030

Aminah Naif Muhammad Al-Ahmady

2018 -10-10

Agreements and Partnerships in Scientific Research

Abdul-Rahman Ghalib Ibrahim Al-Ahdal

2018 -10-18


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