Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Scientific Research Training Courses for the Staff Members - First Semester 1438/1439 A.H.

- 2019/05/22


  • Consultant in Scientific Research Program: It consists of 18 training hours. Its advanced courses focus on the selection criteria of publishers and ways to highlight the researcher's identity on the web pages, or provide specialized scientific research consultancy.
  • New Researchers Training Program: It consists of 15 training hours. It focuses on qualifying fresh post PhD researchers to complete their research career. It is also concerned with gaining support by writing research proposals with high quality.
  • Scientific Research Techniques Program: It consists of 12 training hours. It is special for female students. It also focuses (in application) on modern techniques in editing or managing research teams.
  • Volunteering Research Program: It consists of 12 training hours. The courses contribute to spreading the culture of volunteering research, and discuss the research priorities of volunteering research in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.​