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Summary of Working Procedures on the Tenth Standard (Scientific Research)

- 2018/06/05

In the Name of Allah, the All-Merciful, the Ever-Merciful

Summary of working procedures on the tenth standard (scientific research)

In Umm Al-Qura University

Date of working on the tenth standard

 (September 2016- May 2018)


1. Restructuring the research centers in Umm Al-Qura University to count the entities participating in the self-evaluation on 15-9-2016 (Attachment 1)

2. Sending the self-study evaluation of the tenth standard and the recommendations of the National Commission for Research Authorities and requesting to send a detailed report for each recommendation with attaching evidence electronically on 20/9/2016 (Attachment 2.1, Attachment 2.2).

3- Creating (WhatsApp) Group to contact with the bodies, 25-9-2016.

4- The first meeting of the tenth standard was held on 9/10/2016, and the self-study of the tenth criterion was discussed. It was submitted to the National Authority and discussed the recommendations and requirements of the standard from the research centers at Umm Al-Qura University with an explanation of the mechanism of self-evaluation of the relevant parties. (Attachment 3.1, Attachment 3.2)

5- Preparing electronic forms for the self-evaluation of the bodies participating in the evaluation on 10/10/2016 (Forms, Attachment 4).

6- Sending the first report of the executive plan of the Deanship of Development on 28/9/2016 (Attachment 5).

7. Receiving responses from the research bodies, following up the evidence and examining it, from 10/10/2016 to 2/5/2017. (Evaluation Schedule, Attachment 6)

8. The Second meeting of the tenth standard on 14/5/2017 to present the evaluations and review the missing data and the continued receipt of the evidence as of 30/5/2017 (Attachment 7).

9- Requesting the research bodies to update the completion rates in the recommendations, on 28/9/2017 (Attachment 8).

10- The third meeting of the standard was held on 15/10/2017 to review the evaluation of the bodies and set priorities for the proposed improvement and restructuring of the committee of the tenth standard after the administrative updates (Electronic presentation of the meeting, attached 9).

11- Holding a workshop on the tenth standard, 6-11-2017 (E-presentation, attached 10)

12- Sending the estimated value related to the implementation of the tenth standard recommendations of the Development Deanship, on 30/11/2017 (Attachment 11).

13- Holding the 4th meeting of the tenth standard, 4-12-2017. (Meeting Link)

14- Dividing the sub-committees to follow up the evaluation of the tenth criterion for colleges on 4/12/2017. (Attachment 12)

15- Holding a workshop for the tenth standard for colleges and heads of sub-committees on 11/12/2017. (Presentation of the workshop- Attachment 13)

16- Sending a letter to the colleges about the division that is required to be implemented, on 10/12/2017. (Attachment 14)

17- Preparing four electronic modules according to the quality of the faculties, in order to collect researchers' data for research published from the date of 2012 to the date of 2017. (Attachment 15)

18- Updating the decision of the committees of the tenth standard after the administrative updates on 17/12/2017.

19- Sending emails to the faculty members and encouraging them to register their research data. (Attachment 16)

20- Following up the subcommittees and their data from 11-12-2017 to 14-01-2018 (Statement of counting the researchers’ number). (Attachment 17)

21- Sending the estimated value of the tenth standard’s self-evaluation implementation. (Attachment 18)

22- Sending the second report of the implementing plan of the Development Deanship on 3-2-2018. (Attachment 19)

23- The fifth meeting of the tenth standard on 12/2/2018. (Presentation of updating the data of the self-evaluation files of the colleges, Attachment 20)

24- Following up the approval of the colleges to evaluate the tenth standard in the College Council until 8/5/ 2018. (Attachment 21)

25- Following up the implementation of the recommendations and their update till 20/5/2018. (Attachment 22)

26- Submitting the self-evaluation of the tenth standard at the institutional level with evidence on 25/5/2018. (Attachment 23)