Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

The Vice Deanship of Scientific Research for Research Centers and Groups

- 2020/06/23


The Vice Deanship of Scientific Research for Research Centers and Groups was established based on the decision of His Excellency the President of the University on 12 Rabi` Al-Awwal, 1436 A.H. The decision included the transfer of research centers from the Institute of Scientific Research and the Revival of Islamic Heritage to the Deanship of Scientific Research, after its establishment.


For Umm Al-Qura University to become a reliable research reference, a drive and an essential partner in managing and leading the economy and the knowledge community.


To create a suitable environment for scientific research and to support distinguished research programs of an innovative nature in order to serve the community.


The vice deanship is concerned with managing the affairs of the research centers (nine research centers) through the Coordination Council that coordinates between the research centers in order to review their strategic plans and define research priorities, which are summarized in the following three areas of concern:

  1. Research that meets the national strategy and the university's strategy.
  2. Research that serves the goals of the colleges that the centers represent.
  3. Research that responds to urgent and emergency national and social needs.

Moreover, the vice deanship is concerned with promoting the building of specialized and integrated scientific expertise and capabilities, for these centers to become scientific beacons and research references in their specialties at the national and global levels. Consequently, these centers will become eligible to obtain research funding from the university or from outside bodies, through the available financing programs.

In addition to the vice deanship's interest in research centers, it also supervises the grants for registration in the Research Groups Program, which is a distinct research program funded by the deanship. The aim of the program is to encourage distinguished staff members who have an achievement record in research and publishing to build research groups composed of specialized researchers with expertise focusing on a specific area of knowledge. This will enable them to attract postgraduate students and post-doctoral researchers to participate in research, and to build interstate partnerships with other national and global research groups.

Each research group consists of a research team of at least four staff members from the university with monodisciplinary or multidisciplinary experience, who coordinate together in serving the orientation and scope of the work of the research group. The team can also include research assistants, if necessary, according to the internal conditions of the Deanship of Scientific Research at Umm Al-Qura University.