Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Scientific Research Deanship Objectives

- 2016/12/15

Objectives of the Deanship of Scientific Research:

  • Integration among all UQU scientific-research bodies.
  • Motivation of serious researches production.
  • Provision of a research environment for distinguished competencies.
  • Development of indicators to measure and evaluate the research activity and participation in future planning.
  • Achievement of an appropriate amount of financial resources for scientific research.
  • Development of administrative organization and executive supportive scientific research rules so as to achieve efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Encouragement of research in domains that correspond to national needs.
  • Quantity and quality increase in scientific publication and production of knowledge, and quality improvement thereof.
  • Developing and funding UQU research programs.
  • Development and promotion of UQU human resources for the betterment of scientific research output.
  • Achievement of presence through the publication of research information.
  • Raising the quality of college research and reinforcing research performance at the university.
  • Effectiveness of Research Anti-Plagiarism concept.
  • Reinforcement of global partnership and international cooperation in scientific research.
  • Reinforcement of partnership among UQU, society and industrial sectors.