Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Vice Deanship for Research Chairs

- 2020/06/16

Research Chairs


The university research chairs will be a fundamental propeller to provide renewable support to crown efforts of distinct faculty members who have a record at production and publication of researches in their specializations for the purpose of getting into strategic partnership with the community and helping the university gain a high position along with having a pioneering role on the local, regional and international levels.


To enhance the UQU’s efforts to fulfill the Saudi National Vision; support national development; and serve its objectives via scientific research, the generation of knowledge, and the recognition of the outstanding efforts of researchers to enable them to persevere in the production of knowledge, and transfer, localization, and utilization of modern techniques, thereby reinforcing the concept of community partnership.


Research chairs cover all sciences and knowledge fields which serve the university mission, satisfy community needs, support scientific research and national economy based on knowledge and fulfill needs of companies from financing bodies.


  1. Support both the university and the Kingdom to occupy a distinct position at the scientific and research distinction map and to develop and enrich advanced knowledge.
  2. Create and develop partnership means between the university and community establishments and support cooperation means between the university efficient cadres and community establishments to encourage institutional research.
  3. Optimum utilization of efficient cadres, human resources, utilities and plant of the university. Crown efforts of distinct researchers. Recruit distinct scientists to be dedicated to serving the community and its establishments.
  4. Produce distinct scientific researches, patents and intellectual property. Support scientific publication at world well-renown journals to support different development programs.

Financing Resources:

  1. Cash finance to a specific research chair.
  2. Donations, grants, wills or endowment and their investments whether allocated for a specific chair or for chairs in general.
  3. Allocations, either from the university budget or its other resources, the Education, Research and Innovation Support Fund or from other resources within or outside the university.
  4. Funds allocated from the Education Fund or otherwise to support research chairs.
  5. Self-finance generated from activities and programs of a chair (such as studies, consultancy, training and sale of the chair products and publications).