Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

The Vice Deanship

- 2020/06/07


The Vice Deanship is responsible for Financial and Administrative Affairs of the Deanship, as well as the implementation of its rules and both internal and external regulations.


Reaching the highest levels of distinction and quality in providing administrative and financial services to all UQU staff members for a well-reputed deanship and an active participation in boosting UQU locally and regionally  


Resuming update and development processes, while keeping the highest levels of perfect service provision


  1. Administrative and Technical Supervision of the following administrative units:
  • Administrative Communications Unit (Inbox, Outbox, and Archive)
  • Employees' Affairs (Vacations, Courses, Promotions, and Assessment)
  • Accounting Unit (Bank Accounts including Correlation, Audit, Custodies, and Internal Grants).
  • Procurements and Tenders.
  • Scientific Awards.

The Vice-Deanship coordinates between the actions of such units to ensure best performance.

  1. Administrative and Financial Supervision of work programs according to the Deanship's annual plan  
  2. Participation in the preparation of the Deanship's Annual Budget Project, in addition to the Deanship's Board
  3. Reply of incoming correspondence and follow up of issuance thereof by the Deanship, and supervision of all circulars.
  4. Follow up of workflow and performance level of the Deanship's female employees, and suggestion of performance development plans
  5. Application and implementation of the administrative and financial affairs' rules and regulations
  6. Supervision of the building and training rooms concerning readiness, safety preparations, equipment updates and need meeting in cooperation with related bodies
  7. Supervision of the financial affairs and allocated custodies of the Deanship according to rules and regulations
  8. Preparation of the employees' career performance assessment
  9. Supervision of organizing and saving the Deanship's transactions and information in order to extract them easily
  10.  Any other tasks assigned to it in its field.