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British Council Grants

- 2016/12/14

The British Council Postdoc Research Grants Program

To get the application form, please click here

Application procedures for nomination by the Scientific Research Deanship

  1. Prepare a brief research proposal (max. 5 pages), that includes the following:
  • The objectives of the research;
  • A scientific review of the research topic and latest updates about it (max. 2 pages);
  • The value of the research to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the possibility of economically investing in its results;
  • The time table for carrying out the project and the expected results; and
  • The expected research cooperation between Umm Al-Qura University and the research center that hosts the researcher.
  1. Fill-in the above nomination form;
  2. A letter signed by the applicant to the Dean of Scientific Research expressing the applicant’s desire to apply for the grant; and
  3. Send the full set of documents (letter, form, proposal) via email to the following:



**** Deadline for receiving applications on the abovementioned emails is Sunday 15/ 6/ 1436 hijri, 5/ 4/ 2015.

**** Applications will be reviewed and the candidate researchers will be notified after reviewing and accepting their research proposals at the Deanship of Scientific Research.

**** The number of candidates requested by the British Council is 2 of the University staff members.


About the Program:

The British Council Summer Postdoc Research Program gives the specialists in the Saudi universities and other research institutions the opportunity to work side by side with their peers in the United Kingdom. The Program offers them the chance to know the research methods applied in the United Kingdom, as well as getting to know the quality of the British higher education.

This unique Program for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia receives annual financial support from BAE Systems Saudi Arabia, and is run by the British Council under the supervision of the Saudi Ministry of Education.


How is the Program run by the British Council:

Once a researcher is nominated to join the Summer Postdoc Research Program, the researcher contacts a research center that works in the area of his specialization in the United Kingdom. The British Council can offer support and advice as to choosing the institution that suits the research interests of the candidate. Then the researcher carries out the arrangements for visit and work with the research institution in the United Kingdom. The visit takes from 8 to 12 weeks in the period from June to September.

Each researcher gets a grant of £5,250 (£4,250 prior to travel to the UK and the remaining £1,000 after filing the final report), to cover the costs of travel and other costs related to joining the Program.


Current cooperation with UK universities:

Candidates who won the 2013 grants are currently conducting their postdoctoral research with a number of educational institutions in the UK, including: Durham University, Cranfield University, University of Cambridge, University of Brighton, University of Salford, University of Leeds, University of York, University of East Anglia, University of Westminster, Newcastle University, Northumbria University, University of Birmingham, University of Greenwich, Imperial College London, Buckinghamshire New University, Queen’s University Belfast and University College London.


Results of the Summer Postdoc Program:

In most research cooperation cases in specialized fields, the results are published. The Program leads to the formation of many work groups and seminars, as well as staff exchange between universities in United Kingdom and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

More information:

For information about the Summer Postdoc Research Program, please contact the British Council