Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Overview, Mission and Objectives

- 2019/01/19


The establishment of the Administration of Faculty Members and Staff Affairs coincided with separation of UQU from King Abdul-Aziz University. It has taken several names during the last period, all of which are intended to setting a mechanism to serve UQU faculty member and staff.


Realizing the requirements of the different departments and divisions of UQU, the Administration of Faculty Members and Staff Affairs is committed to provide the following support:    

  • Training leaders equipped with knowledge and skills to become productive community members.
  • To produce new knowledge of a scientific impact, and creative solutions, which contributes to serving  faculty members and staff.
  • To communicate with our community, UQU graduates, and our partners to achieve an added value.


  1. To make all work systems, of high level of professionalism and excellence in a manner that suits the noble status and sacred place embracing UQU.
  2. To achieve scientific and practical integration and balance between the departments of the Institute, to provide fastest and easiest services for the UQU affiliates.
  3. To communicate with the relevant authorities such as the Ministries of Education, Civil Service, and Labor and others to benefit from their services.
  4. To attach interest and attention to financial and administrative affairs of all UQU affiliates.
  5. To create a unique model of the outstanding performance of the most vital departments of UQU to become examples to be followed.
  6. To Forge close relationships between faculty members and employees with each other, and with the university management.
  7. To provide database for documenting comprehensive information about faculty members and employees.
  8. To create proper and fair work atmosphere by strictly applying regulations and educate all UQU affiliates in this regard to boost subjectivity and transparency.