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Umm Al-Qura University

Department of Job Performance Management

- 2020/02/13


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File Includin g the First Phase of the ‘Job Performance’ Course (Charter) 


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To organize the evaluation of employees according to clear scientific bases, and to increase the efficiency and productivity of the employees of Umm Al-Qura University.


  • Apply the job performance management process in accordance with the King Salman Program for the Development of Human Resources.
  • Apply scientific foundations to the process of managing job performance.
  • Establish performance rules and annual employee assessment criteria.
  • Provide a clear, flexible, and fair system to regulate job performance assessment procedures.
  • Raise the efficiency and productivity of university employees.
  • Open direct means of communication between the employees and their immediate boss.
  • Present workshops for university staff to introduce job performance management and how to implement it.

Phases of the Job Performance Evaluation:

First: the planning phase

  • The goals and relations between employees and their immediate boss are discussed and set out.
  • This is carried out in the first two months of the performance cycle.
  • This stage makes use of the performance charter model.

Second: the review stage

  • This takes place in the sixth and seventh months of the performance cycle.
  • The performance assessment model is used.

Third: the assessment stage

  • The performance of the employee is evaluated based on the performance charter.
  • It is carried out in the last two months of the performance cycle.
  • The evaluation aims at identifying the strengths and weaknesses of employees
  • The performance assessment model is issued.

Key Tasks and Responsibilities:

  1. Applying the system, rules and procedures of job performance management, in accordance with the by-laws, regulations and manuals of the Ministry of Civil Service.
  2. Planning and advertising the annual job performance management management cycle (course) at the university.
  3. Reviewing and verifying the performance charter, and formulating substantive and smart career goals for employees which are in line with the university's objectives.
  4. Participating in the committees related to job performance management in the university.
  5. Announcing the results of the annual job performance management cycle.
  6. Receiving complaints and referral requests from employees on the results of job performance, while ensuring transparency and objectivity, and then referring them to the competent committees.
  7. Providing the necessary support for the different colleges, deanships, institutes and departments of the university in order to implement the procedures of the job performance management system.
  8. Following up, coordinating and ensuring that the department heads evaluate the performance of their staff regularly, objectively, and fairly.
  9. Preparing periodic reports and statistics on the university staff's annual performance evaluation.

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