Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Vice deanship of clinical affairs

- 2017/03/10

Vice deanship of clinical affairs:


The vice deanship of clinical affairs includes three main committees which are: (Hospitals committee, Infection control committee and Intern doctors training committee). Moreover, the dental supplies and materials management committee was set up to become one of the main basic units of the clinical affairs vice deanship.

The dental hospital in Umm Al-Qura University is considered one of the modern general educational and treatment dentistry hospitals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where it was established to train the senior year’s students, as well as the intern doctors, post-graduates students and the Saudi board students. It aims at preparing a generation of dentists on a high level of knowledge and skill, in addition to offering medical treatment services for patients in all dentistry specialties, and this is based on the vision of the university and faculty directors for the hospital to have a role in community service, and to raise the level of dentistry’s health service in Mecca and its surrounding areas, using the latest scientific and technical methods.



To make the faculty clinics a portal of science and knowledge in the field of oral and dental health regionally, as well as a center of modern medical education which relies on the learning outcomes that creates a stimulating academic environment for the students and the teaching staff members to be creative and uniquely knowledgeable, in addition to having an active role in protecting the Meccan society and serving the pilgrims.



Contributing to achieving the mission of the faculty in providing an elevated standard of medical education for the students and practitioners in the oral and dental health field in addition to offering unique medical service in accordance with the mission of Umm Al-Qura University.


  1. Providing a high level learning environment that helps prepare highly efficient dentists who are committed to the Islamic morals and medical work ethics, along with possessing the team spirit while maintaining the individual excellence.
  2. Training and empowering an attentive generation of doctors which suits the international standards of oral and dental health.
  3. Preparing graduate students to pass the professional licensing examinations and to be accepted in advanced training programs nationally and internationally.
  4. Preparing graduates to bear the responsibility of raising the level of medical services in the region.
  5. Offering medical service that is built on the learning outcomes in a modern practical educative technique.
  6. Offering medical services including caring, protection and treatment for the community members.
  7. Proposing consultations and medical services as a primary reference in the region in the oral and dental health field.
  8. Preparing and sending medical convoys for serving pilgrims and outback residents.
  9. Providing special medical services for the handicapped.