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Umm Al-Qura University

Vice Deanship for Post-graduate studies and scientific research

- 2016/06/27

Vice Deanship for Post-graduate studies and scientific research:



The faculty of dentistry in Umm Al Qura University (UQUDENT) focuses on the dental, oral and facial researches. In addition, the faculty offers excellent facilities and opens chances for clinical and basic researches to all the academic years, post-graduate students,junior researchers, intern doctors, junior teaching staff, and senior researchers and scientists.

The scientific research unit in the faculty of dentistryincludes top class of scientists trained in the United States and Europe and we aspire for collaboration in innovative researches with all parts of the world.


The faculty of dentistry in Umm Al Qura University is known for its specialized hospital in addition to the high quality of education and medical care for patients. Moreover, the teaching staff is participating in the clinical and basic researches which areat the head of the applied researches. All these activities are directed through the scientific research unit in the faculty.


The researching activities at the faculty aim at meeting the international standards and create a fast-paced environment of basic sciences’discoveries and clinical application along with delivering training on researches ofpracticing Medicine and dentistry.The strategic attitude of our current scientific researching programs focuses on bones growth, facial and maxillofacial pathology, stem cells, biomaterials, information technology, cancer, and also health and clinical researches.


Here in the website of the faculty of dentistry, there is valuable information about the center laboratory of researches and a group of clinical researches in the faculty in addition to a brief description of researching projects done by the teaching staff members along with some information about researches’newsletters which post latest news about researches, awards and press releases, and they are all available through contactingresearching unit.

The website also covers the policy of protecting individuals’ privacy as per IRBin order to provideinformation and scientific research policies in the field of researches done on humans.


Research Interest Areas:

The current research programs focuses onsix researching areas, and provides laboratories and medical facilities for studentsand teaching staff members. Furthermore, the dentistry clinic in the faculty helps reaching the local community, and allowsthe developmentof researches to suit the oral and dental health needs for Mecca residents.


Oral pathology protection and community health promotion:

This group consists of scientists of basic sciences and dentists of various specialties who believe in clinical work and researches effect on the community.


Dentistry Informatics:

The members of this group exchange mutual interests for using informatics in enhancing and improving diagnosis and management, as well as promoting dental health. This group communicates with Computer Sciences and Engineering Systems colleges in order to explore possible researching collaboration.


Dental health linked to public health in Meccan community:

The inclusive approach in dentistry practice and researching is the aim of these groups, where lots of oral pathologies have a direct effect on the evolution of systemic diseases like Cardiac and vascular diseases and diabetes, this group focuses on verifying reasons and relationships between oral health and public health. This group will have a strong researching collaboration with faculty of medicine.


The group includes researchers in basic and applied sciences, as well as dentists in order to provide an active environment. There is also a chance to use the basic and clinical discoveries in commercial projects and patents to promote innovation and develop new technologies.


Oral Neurology:

This group is considered of studying the dental diagnosis, the physiology of diseases, pharmaceuticals and therapeutic interventions and to what extent they affect both the laboratory and on patients.


Biomaterials, Biomechanics and Tissue engineering:

A group of dentistry researchers (who are specialized in biomaterials and biomechanics)


Cytology and Particles:

This group of dentists is concerned with cellular backgroundand particles of oral and dental inconvenience, like cancer and renewing medicine, Biomarkers, and Tissues and cells storage through the support of scientists in genetics, immunity and microbiologists.


Director's Message:

We would like to welcome you in the research unit page in faculty of dentistry in Umm Al Qura University.  We always seek to offer better education that is based on creative informatics, entrepreneurial scientific researchand we work hard to provide development and innovation in the field of dentistry through supporting the teaching staff members, employees and students in the field of basic and clinical researches, aiming at developing the Meccan community in particular and Saudi Arabia in general.

Many of dentists are graduated with the scientific research skills and required knowledge that enable them to serve their country and all humanity.



“Our mission is to encourage scientific researches in faculty of dentistry in Umm Al Qura University through letting the employees and teaching staff to participate in scientific and searching activities. Moreover, supporting basic and clinical researches that belongs to six researching groups (integrated) which depends on one another in order to urge the students, employees and teaching staff to protect themselves from oral and dental diseases, bioinformatics, general health, oral neurology, biomaterials, tissue engineering, stem cells science and particles”.



“Our vision encourages and promotes researches and education that is based on knowledge creativity, entrepreneurial scientific research and we work hard to provide development and innovation in the field of dentistry through supporting the teaching staff members, affiliates and students in the field of basic and clinical researches, as well as aiming at developing the Meccan society in particular and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in general to serve humanity. Furthermore, we are working on plans to train future dentists on acquiring the skills of knowledge and researching that enable them to serve the Kingdom with the best potentials and capabilities”.