Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Anesthesia Technology Program

- 2019/12/04




Anesthesia Technology Programs adopts graduating anesthesia technology specialists who provide an outstanding level of healthcare, keeping up with the standards of the Saudi and American Society of Anesthesiologists as well as the best standards of medical practical in anesthesia.

Anesthesia Technology is one of the complex majors as it is heavily relied upon in operating theaters. An anesthesia technologist is the specialist who helps prepare anesthesia equipment before operations are performed. He prepares, examines and operates the monitoring equipment during the operation and ensures that the necessary medications are made available and requirement met during operations. He helps anesthesiology doctors in all the steps of general, spinal and local anesthesia and in cases of emergency resuscitation.
Students study for four academic years and spend one year of internship in this major where they completes academic courses totaling 140 credits, over the full four academic years and spend the year of internship. Three (3) classes of students were graduated till 1436H majoring in Anesthesia Technology.