Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

ER Services Program

- 2019/01/07



This program is highly and essentially required in society as it addresses emergency medical care which is provided at the pre-hospital admission stage, i.e. immediately after accidents and disasters which cause injuries and conditions that require rapid medical care for saving the life of the injured before their arrival to the hospital. Therefore, this program was created from this perspective and for this goal. Thus, Bachelor's Degree Program of Medical Services was created in 1430 H (2009G) within the College of Health Sciences which was established in 1425 H (2005 G). This College was affiliated then to the Ministry of Health, but joined Umm Al-Qura University afterwards in 1429 H (2008 G). It is one of the very first programs in the Kingdom, especially in the governmental universities, aiming at developing the field of providing pre-hospital emergency medical care. The first class of students who joined this Program numbered 12 students. In 1432 H (2011G), the Department was incorporated within the College of Public Health and Health Informatics for three years and many students were registered in this Department as highly qualified and competent graduates are needed to meet such needs.
In 2014, the Department was transferred to the College of Applied Sciences in Al-Abdiyyah and the Department, by Grace of Allah the Almighty, was accredited by the Accreditation Agency in Health and Social Sciences (AHPGS) in 2015 G. Two classes graduated and many of them were employed in the health fields such as the Saudi Red Crescent centers, the emergency departments at hospitals and others, as well as in educational and academic fields as demonstrators in governmental universities. A number of students were dispatched for post-graduate scholarships in order to become effective leaders in managing and development the Emergency Medical Services Program. so that large numbers of professionals will be graduated to serve society in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, particularly in Mecca for effectively and competently serving pilgrims and Umrah performers.


To train, educate and qualify the national graduates of the College of Emergency Medical Services to become highly competent professionals in the fields of outstanding emergency medical services.


To be the pioneers of providing and supplying the Health Services Cadre with distinct and highly efficient paramedics having the required academic knowledge for the safety of patient and service of the society.


• Graduating effective, scientifically and practically outstanding medical cadres acting as per the ethics of Islam;
• Applying the Islamic traditions and values in practicing the profession;
• Creativity and comprehensive approach;
• Dedicating the Department for serving the local and international community, especially pilgrims and Umrah performers;
• Achieving excellence and superiority in all aspects, particularly medical and technological development;


1. To physically, mentally and psychologically prepare and qualify trainees in order to provide the Emergency Medical Services Cadre with first aid specialists who are capable of dealing with the injured properly, safely and in timely manner.  
2. To train the candidates on how to take the proper and rapid action in cases of accidents and disasters. 
3. To be able to evaluate medical conditions and provide first aid and treatment as well as act wisely when lacking contact with the Main Emergency Medical Center.