Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Overview of the Department

- 2020/12/03

The UQU Department of Business Administration attaches special concern to hiring highly experienced directors. This is in addition to offering professional support to businesses in order to ensure they take strategic and smart decisions in time and achieve the department objectives at an acceptable level of effectiveness and efficiency.

The department offers the opportunity to study new curricula which are needed to develop new and acceptable ideas, and new methods for business to proceed with high efficiency and quality. The department also provides students with the necessary awareness tools and methods to innovate reliable strategies in forming a highly competitive work environment at the global level.

The College of Business Administration, with its highly qualified and capable academic staff, plays a significant role in enabling students to gain solid skills in business administration which are essential for creative thinking and effective communication.


To achieve leadership and excellence in providing business administration programs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Preparing students to provide them with the knowledge and skills of business administration with high efficiency, in a such manner that will qualify them to achieve leadership and excellence in the work environment.


  1. Applying total quality standards in the educational process to obtain academic accreditation.
  2. Complete preparation of the educational environment by guaranteeing excellence of the halls, classrooms, and the administrative process.
  3. Spreading the culture of commitment among the administrative and educational staff and students.
  4. Building an integrated structure for the standards of measuring educational and administrative performance to maximize the benefit of the educational value provided for the students.