Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Male Student Affairs Committee

- 2019/11/09

Male Student Affairs Committee




Dr. Rabaah Salim Sajini

Vice Dean for Educational Affairs

Dr. Abdullah Al-Thaqafi

The College Vice Dean

Ms. Nouf Ibrahim Muhammad bin Afif

Supervisor of Schedules Unit

Ms. Sabah Salih Al-Badri

Supervisor of Educational Affairs Unit

Ms. Afaf Ubaidullah Salim Al-Harbi

Manager of the Office

Dr. Abdullah Al-Suruji

Supervisor of the Educational Affairs Student Advising

Mr. Salih Al-Sulami

Secretary of the Supervisor of the Educational Affairs

Duties of the Committee

Receiving, following up and responding to letters sent by the deanship.

Answering student enquiries relating to educational affairs.

Receiving graduation certificates and submitting them to graduates.

Following up student transactions at the deanship.

Receiving student medical inquiries.

Requesting a replacement copy of lost documents and academic records of graduates.