Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Postgraduate Studies Unit

- 2019/10/20

The Postgraduate Studies Unit is directly affiliated with the University Vice Presidency for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research. The unit is specialized in accomplishing all the topics relevant to the programs of master's (MA) and doctor of philosophy (PhD) degrees in the college, according to the statutes and regulations, through which the unit will contribute (Allah willing) to enabling the college to achieve the university's visions and objectives.

Duties of the Unit:

  1. Implement and follow up the college's policies for postgraduate studies.
  2. Develop and review the requirements of admission to postgraduate studies.
  3. Manage the processes of the postgraduate studies in the college, as well as its exams and committees.
  4. Coordinate with the college's units in all the relevant fields.
  5. Prepare the introductory program for the postgraduate study students, and follow up its implementation.
  6. Receive the applications of admission to the postgraduate study programs, in coordination with the Deanship of Postgraduate Studies and the Deanship of Information Technology.
  7. Accomplish the requests of study deferment and apologies, as well as the deletion and addition processes, in accordance with the statutes and decisions issued in this regard for postgraduate study students.
  8. Accomplish the topics referred to the unit which are associated with postgraduate studies.
  9. Carry out the tasks entrusted to it by the University Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research.