Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Entrepreneurship Unit

- 2020/11/05

This unit is associated with the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and is primarily concerned with finding possible ways of cooperation. The role of the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship came in line with the orientation of the 9th Saudi Development Plan that works towards building a knowledge-based economy as a strategic priority, and thereby contribute to the development of the national economy, boost its global competitiveness, diversify its resources, reduce its dependence on oil resources, and constantly track the dominant international trends observed in prestigious universities. This has been made in recognition of the important role played by knowledge in building national economies, and its immense impact on achieving comprehensive and sustainable development.

The vice-deanship's role is to spread the culture of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship among the students, in coordination with the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, through holding reciprocal introductory meetings and visits and participating in the competitions organized by the institute.

Objectives of the Unit:

  • Spreading the culture of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship among the students
  • Coordination with the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship to organize visits and exchange meetings.
  • Urging male and female students to participate in competitions organized by the institute


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