Umm Al-Qura University

Diploma Program

- 2016/05/05

Diploma programs:

* Community College in Mecca :

It provides a four-semester course that awards the students a diploma. It also enables the excellent graduates of this diploma to complete a bachelor's degree at the University -Tajseer-, those who get 3.25 or more cumulative grade average of 4.

Educational Objectives of Community College:

  1. To provide comprehensive and varied applied educational programs that qualify for jobs needed by the labor market in the community.
  2. To qualify the students using the highest modern techniques in the applied disciplines.
  3. To provide practice to hone the acquired and inborn skills through field training as a part of the course.


* College of Community Service and Continuing Education:

Diploma in Human Resources and diploma in Office Management: It is a  four-semester course that awards a diploma.

Program Goals:

  1. To provide job opportunities for young people through qualifying those enrolled in the program to get a professional certification in a number of disciplines required by the public and the private sectors.
  2. To contribute to broaden the base of accepting students at the university.